Prem-i-Air WAC-414 Portable Air Cooler in Brighton, East Sussex for sale

Refrigerators, ovens etc.

Used, in working condition. The plastic on top has become yellowish maybe from sun exposure. I never used it for a longer period of time personally but it doesnt show any problems and works perfectly well. I can return your money if anything is not working though, so no worries.
The Air Cooler is one of the very best currently available. As well as cooling the air like any other evaporative cooler, it has an internal freezer section for providing even cooler air. It also features an ioniser, providing cleaner fresher air due to the electrostatic settling of dust and the invigorating effect of breathing negative ions which are found in abundance in the vicinity of waterfalls and mountain tops. A concealed Ultra Violet (UV) light helps to keep the air and water hygienic and clean by killing microbes and viruses.
All features are controlled either on the LCD-lit front control panel or the remote control. The LCD display panel also shows date, time and current temperature.
 Built-in Ioniser - Kills airborne bacteria and reduces odours
 Add ice to the water tank for extra cooling
 670m³/hr airflow rate
 4.5m effective cooling range
 Easy touch electronic controls with electronic timer
 3 operating modes - natural, sleep and rhythm
 Contemporary design
 Ideal for the bedroom, living room or conservatory
 Motorised directional louvers
 Large 8 litre water tank with easy front door access
 Only 50W of electricity when cooling, less than a light bulb to run
 Mounted on castors to be completely mobile
 Remote Control
 Dimensions 770 x 360 x 270mm
 Weight 10kg